The Spring Has Sprung Special is Here!

Let's see what best laid plans there are.
What decisions might be coming up and what is the best, softest way
to land that proverbial plane.

"Heather Carlucci is the Betty Dodson
of the Spiritual Teachers"

- RR, Transformational Coach

Hi! My name is Heather Carlucci.

Psychic medium, spiritual mentor, and medical intuitive. I give you a sense of what is truly possible.

I guide creative professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, health and wellness practitioners. Providing them with insights to make better decisions in their business and personal lives. As a teacher I help people learn how to tap into their natural gifts, trust their abilities, and have more confidence in themselves.

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Yes, I also channel astrology!

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I don't know the stars or much else about astrology but 
every week I channel the zodiac.  It's funny, it's honest and
from what they tell me, it's spot on.

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“A session with Heather feels like a divine appointment. During my first visit, she described three people in the room. Her description matched those of three people who have died and whose pictures I keep by my bed. She said that they told her to ask about a gold elephant charm on a necklace as confirmation. A few days before I went to see her, I had been looking for a chain to replace a broken one, and the one I pulled from my closet in fact had a gold elephant on it. That’s when I recognized her gift. The guidance she gave me thereafter helped me make decisions I might otherwise not have made or would have taken much longer to figure out. Heather’s specificity and wisdom are stunning.”

T, New York City

Thank you so much for such beautiful teachings. From the day I first heard you read, your words struck me with such compassionate understanding of energy, especially the levity of it all, which allowed me to feel truly connected to a source of learning.  Your classes have demystified the mystical (if that's at all possible!) and reaffirmed to me that the way I've functioned my whole life is such a valuable tool for communicating with the energy of others.  I no longer feel like I have a gap between what comes naturally and the perceived 'other', which I felt unsure if I could reach. I look forward to working with what you've taught, allowing the practices to become more natural as I integrate and sense into the languages of energy you have opened us up to." 

LF, New York City

 “Heather has a gift: she sees with clarity and objectivity and her predictions have been eerily accurate. Her readings have helped me to settle down and live in the day with acceptance, without the usual crippling anxiety. Heather knows things, things she has no logical way of knowing and she often combines her insights with action plans.

After Heather’s suggestion that an apparently healthy person I know get a particular medical test, the doctors concurred, “Lucky he got the test.”

That’s just one example of many I could give. Heather Carlucci is the real deal.”

A, New York City


Angel Fund. Support the work.

A good part of my work is pro bono.

This is my life’s work. It was recommended to me to start an “angel fund” so that if you appreciate either my Facebook Live Q and A or the readings I do daily on Instagram, you would have an opportunity to pay it forward. Every donation I receive through this angel fund goes toward the free work I do for those in need. The infirm, those in hospice or just those in need of guidance. Thank you in advance. This community has been the cornerstone for my work and my love.