Today’s Read.


May 20, 2018

As we wrap up this wave of humor and levity which will bring us to that anticipatory prep of the lazy days of summer (they won't be that lazy - you'll see). This time brings us arm and arm with others that will slightly challenge your creative ego. Make you think twice about your work and even force you to be more adult than the punk rock kid you still wear on your sleeve.

No one will mean any harm. You must remember THAT IT'S NOT TIME TO LISTEN WHEN IT'S YOUR EGO TALKING. 
Creative break-throughs are screaming to be paid attention to. It just may happen from the last person you expect it to. Hang out with your adversary. Go see the art you've frowned upon. LISTEN TO YOUR KID SISTER’S MUSIC COLLECTION.

This is the best road to take to your retrospective at the Louvre. Carnelian will give you the coat of many colors. Wear it on the streets.