Today’s Read.


May 21, 2018

Croissants. Freshly baked Danish - the real danish with a hint of cardamom. A warm red bean bun. As we move into summer prep season, get ready to feel the experiences that can only compare to the satisfaction of your teeth biting into one of these foodstuffs. Pick one.

Ideally the choice will be yours. But only with full intent of real heart felt integrity. Catch yourself when you you feel yourself conniving. It's okay to strategize. JUST DONT FORGET INTEGRITY. HEART. FORTITUDE.

George reminded himself by keeping his hair looking like a pastry. So when he looked at the mirror, he really saw the man he was. Be the man. Eat the pastry. Keep your heart in the right place AND MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THAT GUILT IS USELESS.

Turquoise will keep the faith.