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All readings are available as gifts to others.

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General Spiritual Reading
60 ($375)

This is an in-depth general reading from your spirit guides. During this time we will cover health, relationships, passed lives and business. I will also answer and address any questions you may have. Reading may be in-person or via video conference. Please bring a phone or other device to record your session.

Medical Reading
60 ($375)/90 Minutes ($550)

Bedside visits are available for the infirm. Readings are medical and check to see if there are upcoming blockages and whether fears can be allayed. This covers both the medical and spiritual. Patient consent required.

Pet Readings 45 minutes ($275)

Our best friends can be four legged or feathered or finned. Sometimes communication can come to a stand still. Sometimes we have health concerns. Energies are much easier to read between us and them with extra insight. A pet reading can clear up heavy concerns.

Home/Office Space Cleansing
[Time varies]

Home, office or any business as well as land. Time is taken to move energies and clear the spiritual air. Sessions run between 1 to 2 hours. Price depends on square footage, location and amount of work needed/requested. Send an e-mail to with details for a price estimate.


Some clients like to work with me to solve a problem.
We know that unanswered questions keep us blocked.
Let's work together with insights, readings and action plans.

The Breakthrough Package

Three (3) Readings
60-Minute sessions ($1250)

The 3 is perfect for health issues, immediate work guidance and immediate movement of your blocks.

The 3 session Package expires in 6 months from date of purchase.

In between each session you will receive video messages, spirit writings and bonus readings.

The Foundation Package

Five (5) Readings
60-Minute sessions ($1,900)

The 5 is a bump up from the 3. It adds further reinforcement as we find the connections between health, your guides and often professional matters. Together we work on shifting your belief system.

The belief that we must be forgiven every time we need to do something big is fundamentally flawed. We may not realize how much societal norms run our everyday. During the foundation package, along with mediumship, I will work with you to shift how you carry the energy that is holding you back and blocking the creative thoughts needed to create and thrive. We’ll work on creating a new manifesto for you to live by.

The 5 session Package expires in 10 months from date of purchase. The 5 session is about problem solving with follow-up.

In between each session you will receive video messages, spirit writings and bonus readings.

The Full Energy Package

Seven (7) Readings
60-Minute sessions ($2,500)

This package is a real “pulling the layers off the onion”. It is ideal for those who find themselves at an impasse and know that they’re holding themselves back. This includes health and vitality readings aimed at bringing you back to peak performance.

Let’s dig out the spiritual weight you’ve been carrying around so you can take your next big step or just adjust to a new clearer life.

The 7 session Package expires in 12 months from date of purchase. The 7 session is about problem solving with follow-up.

In between each session you will receive video messages, spirit writings and bonus readings.

Wedding Officiant

It’s true. Let’s get married. I’m an ordained minister. By the divine hand of the internet and I will give my heart to make sure we create a ceremony that speaks to and for the both of you.

Also included is a reading to cover the first few years of marriage. An hour long reading for just the both of you. No other family members or wedding crashers. Just you.

My fee is $600 plus travel expenses.


“A session with Heather feels like a divine appointment. During my first visit, she described three people in the room. Her description matched those of three people who have died and whose pictures I keep by my bed. She said that they told her to ask about a gold elephant charm on a necklace as confirmation. A few days before I went to see her, I had been looking for a chain to replace a broken one, and the one I pulled from my closet in fact had a gold elephant on it. That’s when I recognized her gift. The guidance she gave me thereafter helped me make decisions I might otherwise not have made or would have taken much longer to figure out. Heather’s specificity and wisdom are stunning.”

T, New York City