Today’s Read.


October 20, 2017

I was a little jealous when someone would give someone in their professional cooking career the title of "Mentor".  In the food world, I have done my best to be a good one to other cooks. 

My life as a medium has brought me one particular mentor.  This is a tough post for me, as this wonderful spirit passed over earlier this year.   His name was Woody. About 12 years ago he walked into my little Indian restaurant in New York City and there was a love at first site moment.  It wasn't romantic, but as I recall the experience, it definitely was a moment when you know you've met someone who will be a part of your life forever.

Woody and I were friends for a few years before I ever told him that I was a medical intuitive and medium.  It was a while after that that he told me he was not only a medium, but spent years as a well known and sought after psychic in Atlanta in the 1980's.

I will say this about Woody as a mentor: when he was sure that I was ready for something in this realm, he took no prisoners.  Phone calls, messages, guilt trips.   It made me laugh and it made me crazy.

I came out as a medium right after Woody passed.   Most of my close friends knew.  I had been doing readings for quite some time.   But my industry friends didn't know, though many of them gave me the "that totally makes sense.  You always were intuitive/insightful/weird/off."

A lot of people don't believe in it.   But as always happens, once they experience a painful death or someone close to them is quite ill or they're in the middle of a broken heart, my phone rings.  And as you've most probably heard me say: when I read for someone that tells me they don't believe in this, I always say that it's okay as long as I do.

A few years ago, Woody told me that I had to charge for my readings.  That my work was important and that I had to make sure the world knew that I knew my worth. Quite honestly I didn't know my worth.  I knew what people said, but I wasn't equating what they told me as how I felt when I walked away from a good reading by a gifted seer. When I did get it, though nerve wracking, I was lost on what to ask for.

Woody said something that I will never forget. "If you're not quite ready to put a number on it, tell your clients that they must bring an offering." I loved that. "An offering". I emoted a gentler idea to me.  Bring me a gift that you can truly offer from your heart.

I suppose this is often just a system of barter but it brought to me many works of art, a gift for the spirits, a sign of things to come.  It spoke a different language.   So did I.   It was the easing into taking a bigger step in my self worth as a medium. It let me do business in a different way. I've owned businesses and I don't think you can ever compare any two industries in their finer natures, especially the metaphysical businesses.

Also, in our business there is working with people in great need.  I cannot pull a "sorry no car if there's no health insurance" in my heart.   The offering created in me different systems to go about things.   Everyone has something to offer. I know I have to make money from a certain number of readings and that allows me to work a bit with those who can offer other currency. It sits in the heart of spirits and of all cultures.

It vibrates in smooth waves when I can read it.