(Support the work)

A good part of my work that I do is pro bono. This is my life’s work. It was recommended to me to start an “angel fund” so that if you appreciate either my Facebook Live Q and A or the readings I do daily on Instagram, you would have an opportunity to pay it forward.

Every donation I receive through this angel fund goes toward the free work I do for those in need. The infirm, those in hospice or just those in need of guidance.

Thank you in advance. This community has been the cornerstone for my work and my love.

“Heather has changed my life, at a time when I was searching and needed someone I could trust.
She is a powerful health intuitive, medium and healer who has been crucial in my physical and spiritual healing.
....clear, thoughtful and respectful with her energy and knowledge.....
I am blessed to know her and am grateful to be able to continue to learn from her.”

E, Bergen County, NJ