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July 19, 2018

I haven't written in a while and I see now that I've been remiss in my duties posting my daily read.  

I will say it's a tricky balance when a new business picks up. Never mind where you read bodies and spirits/spirt talks to you and you kind of freak people out in the best possible circumstances.

The eye opener of the month has been in working with the family of an 11 year old boy that was 3 weeks until spinal surgery for a hormonal tumor.  The work was great.  

For every recommendation, prescription and alignment made by Dr. Avila and me, he reacted positively.  

His behavior before treatment (which was uncharacteristically immature for his age - whiny, disgruntled) became calm, mature and far happier.  He became easy to reason with and was conversationally involved.  His kidneys became stronger.  We saw this first as his eczema cleared up as did the circles under his eyes.  Then we could read it in his vitals.

Pre-surgical care is restorative care.  I cannot stress how important it is.  Add it to the list of things that should be a right of all health care.   Reading a body before pre-surgical care and after care but before the surgery is a completely different experience.  It's a calmer, more body building experience for the patient.  It brings an understanding to the body that usually is non-existent before any major medical procedure.  The organs aren't under as much stress.  

We care for the rest of the body which needs to be stronger in order to support the organs most affected. We saw this so clearly with this client.  It was not just affirming for us but for them. The father was the one that brought the boy to us.  The mother was close behind, easily convinced after meeting us. The doosie for us was the stepfather.  Not just disbelief but and under-riding hostility about what we were doing despite the fact that his home life was easier since the care began. It was a lesson in loving detachment when it comes to families.

We remained professional and worked with the son as if there was no one else in the room. In the emotional tidal wave of health issues attached to a child, there's a ripple effect that triggers everyone's issues.  

On another note, before I sign off: I make videos on FB Live.  They are going to be transferred to YouTube for posterity or until the energy grid of the world ceases to exist (but you didn't hear it from me).