Today’s Read.


Aprill 26, 2018

This is Bishop Carlton Pearson. After years of preaching under the mentorship of Oral Roberts and heading his own mega church, he had a conversation with his God/spirit in which he was told that how he was bringing the message to his people was wrong. In fact, there was no Hell. The Hell we make for ourselves was actually here on Earth. The starving, the pained. The bishop made the announcement that he would no longer preach the existence of Hell. He was outcast by his peers and pronounced a heretic.

I bring this up not just because of bravery, but because he gave himself the freedom to run with what he felt was right. The freedom of heart.  He then made connection with every group ostracized from the church and experienced love at the deepest level.

So here's the get: true freedom takes risk. It takes listening to your heart, your gut and your dreams. The energies in the coming days will REMIND YOU OF THIS CONSTANTLY. Freedom is both a burden and a constant human need. We fight for it to our bones when we truly feel we need to do the right thing.

Celestite is your crystal for truth.