As long as I could remember, I could see the energies and spirits that many around me could not. It made for some odd times as a child. As a teenager, I started to clearly see, hear and feel what ailments people had. People on the subway, strangers in an elevator, people passing by. I discovered I was a medical intuitive. It all made sense.

By my early twenties, I was booking sessions to help those afflicted in their recoveries and then with doctors to work on difficult diagnoses. In time, my intuition brought me clearer
communications and I realized that I have been seeing, hearing and feeling spirits my entire life.

Life experience brought me to work within businesses, with leaders and culturally powerful people.

I believe that all messages are sent with love.

I look forward to working with you.

“Heather has a gift: she sees with clarity and objectivity and her predictions have been eerily accurate. Her readings have helped me to settle down and live in the day with acceptance, without the usual crippling anxiety. Heather knows things, things she has no logical way of knowing and she often combines her insights with action plans. After Heather’s suggestion that an apparently healthy person I know get a particular medical test, the doctors concurred, “Lucky he got the test.” That’s just one example of many I could give. Heather Carlucci is the real deal.”

Anne, New York City